Your account

By registering on the platform, you declare that:

  1. You are an adult. Access to gambling is strictly prohibited for persons under the age of 18.
  2. You are in your right mind and are able to take responsibility for your actions.
  3. You agree to provide accurate and truthful information about your identity.
  4. You are not a person acting on behalf of someone else.
  5. You have no financial problems.
  6. You do not live in a country where gambling is prohibited.
  7. In addition, you take full responsibility for compliance with the laws of your country.
  8. You agree to provide information confirming your identity, if required. You agree that the accuracy of this information will be verified.

You are responsible for your account and for the confidentiality of your data. Do not disclose your username, password and other personal information to third parties.

In the event that your account was used by someone else, you are responsible for the actions committed.

You also agree not to sell your account to third parties, as well as not to purchase another account from third parties.

Treat gambling honestly and responsibly.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

By making deposits on the site, you confirm that:

  1. The money you deposit is not related to any illegal activity.
  2. You will not attempt to cancel the payment you have made.
  3. You agree that the data on suspicious transactions will be transferred to the appropriate authorities.
  4. You acknowledge that you should not treat Crickex as a financial institution.


Keep in mind that all data that you provide to the company is processed by the privacy policy.

By registering on the platform, you allow the company to use your personal information at any time to verify your identity.

You also agree that sometimes the company may contact you. to find out about any promotion if you win a large amount of money.


By registering on the platform, you acknowledge that the company will store and collect information that can help in verifying your identity. You undertake to provide only truthful information and are responsible for this.

Suspension and Termination

Please note that the company may stop the activity of your account at its discretion and without prior notice. You also have the right to close your account at any time. To do this, you need to contact support.

If it turns out that you are using the services of a company from a country where it is prohibited, the activity of your account will be stopped.

The Company has the right to monitor and find out the reason for any suspicious actions. You will be suspended from using the services of the site if you violate any of the provisions of the terms and conditions.

General Betting Conditions

Crickex is a platform where players can place bets on various sporting events. The company always acts as an intermediary.

You have the right to place bets in the following ways:

  • On the company’s website or via the mobile app;
  • Using the application program interface.

Before placing bets, carefully read the terms and conditions of the platform.

It is also worth remembering that each product of the company has its own rules and regulations. Different calculation rules may apply. That is why it is extremely important to familiarize yourself with all the documents.

If there are any discrepancies between the documents, this document will take precedence over all others.

Use of our services

Remember that only you are responsible for your money lost as a result of placing bets. You agree that the company is not obligated to reimburse you for losses.

You are also responsible for ensuring that you do not violate the laws of the country in which you are located. Moreover, you agree to use the company’s services only for legitimate purposes. You declare that you will not:

  • Engage in activities that may cause damage to the company
  • To place bets in such a way that it can negatively affect the market.
  • To transmit information about bets to persons who are in a country where it is illegal.

Intellectual property

The company owns all copyrights to the site and all information, including databases. Any infringement of any of the information properties may lead to prosecution against you.

In any license Crickex obtains from third parties, the data is only available for use on our site and cannot be used for any commercial purposes without the consent of those third parties.