Crickex provides its users with only an honest and safe gaming experience, and also guarantees protection from the adverse effects of gambling. The company believes that gambling should only be entertainment, and this entertainment should have its limitations.

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A Guide to Responsible Gaming

As mentioned above, gambling should be just entertainment and nothing more. Below are a few recommendations that will help you keep control of yourself:

  • Never count on the fact that you can earn a lot of money in gambling;
  • Never use money in games that you cannot afford to lose;
  • Do not chase losses, trying to win them back;
  • Set your own money limit;
  • If you feel depressed, don’t try to cheer yourself up by gambling;
  • Find a balance between gambling and your other hobbies;
  • It is not necessary to gamble while intoxicated;
  • Control the amount of time spent gambling.

Symptoms of Problem Gaming

There are signs by which you can understand that a person is losing control over himself. Here are some of them:

  • A person very often thinks or talks about gambling;
  • A person spends a lot of money on games, and this creates unpleasant financial situations;
  • It is difficult for a person to reduce the time spent playing games;
  • A person is haunted by a feeling of emptiness if he does not play games;
  • A person has a strong desire to always play games to get rid of financial problems;
  • A person Borrows money to Gamble;
  • A person gambles until the last funds;
  • A person has a need to gamble in order to experience exciting emotions;
  • A person tries to distract himself from his own problems with the help of gambling; 
  • A person becomes more irritable when performing ordinary and everyday tasks;
  • A person has problems with friends or family because of gambling; 
  • A person prefers gambling to important family events; 
  • A person has suicidal thoughts associated with gambling addiction.

Where to Get Help

If you feel that you may become addicted to gambling, you should seek help immediately. If you know a person with alarming symptoms, then in this case it is also worth taking appropriate measures. It is very important to prevent this at an early stage so that a person does not become addicted. It is very difficult to get rid of it.

There are many organizations that can provide professional assistance and help get rid of gambling problems. For example, you can seek advice from the following links:


Taking Steps to Prevent Underage Gambling

Persons under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from gambling or registering on the relevant websites. The company’s verification system does not allow this. If a person tries to mislead the algorithm by providing false data, his account will be deleted. 

To prevent minors from accessing gambling, parents are advised to take some precautions to protect their children. This includes:

  • Use software that blocks gambling sites in your absence.
  • Do not leave your equipment unattended in the presence of children;
  • In no case do not give your bank details to children;
  • Do not click the “save password” button when logging in to protect your account and children.;
  • Provide the children with a separate profile on the computer.