Crickex Lottery

Crickex online Lottery is a modern employment platform for Indian players

Crickex online Lottery is a modern employment platform for Indian players. They can not only relax but also earn money. The striking design, modern interface, colorful online ticketing, and frequent matches are what users appreciate our company so much. And once you start playing, you won’t be able to turn down this chance to relax and earn money at the same time!

How Do I Get Started Playing Online Lottery in Crickex?

How to start playing online lottery in Crickex?

The process of using Crickex Lottery services begins with several simple steps.

First, you will be required to register, verify your account, make a deposit and start playing. To create an account smoothly and without unnecessary energy expenditure, you need:


Go to the Crickex website;


In the top right corner, click on the green “Sign Up” button;


Enter username, password, currency, and referral code (if any).

You will then have to verify your account. This is necessary to expand the range of functions available for use.

Verifying your Crickex Lottery account

How to verify your Crickex account

To use all the powers of the account you need to verify it.

In other words, you need to prove that you are the owner of the account. To carry out this action, you need to carry out a number of simple steps:


Contact the platform’s support team to ask about verifying your account;


Wait for the request for several documents;


Provide them and after a while, you will be notified that you have been verified.

The documents that may be requested include a Full passport, Driver’s license (Front and Back), and National ID card (Front and Back). You don’t have to worry about your data falling into the hands of third parties with no known purpose for its use. The privacy policy protects all players’ data.

Payment Methods for Indian Crickex Lotto Players

Deposit and withdrawal methods for Indian Crickex lotto players

We take into account all current trends and opportunities in payment systems:

  • Bank cards;
  • Electronic wallets;
  • Payment systems.

It is also convenient that each player decides for himself which way he wants to use it. You are exempt from all commissions, interest charges, and the like. 

How to Deposit at a Crickex Lottery Site?

How to make deposit at a Crickex lottery site?

There are two payment transactions on the Crickex Lottery platform.

These are making a deposit and withdrawing funds. Without these two features, no user can fully enjoy the company’s activities. To deposit money into a player’s current account, the steps must be followed:


Open the section with your account on the website;


Find the deposit function;


Specify the method that suits you;


Enter the amount of money;


Confirm all the actions.

The money is credited to the account instantly, regardless of the method. This is done so that he can start playing immediately, without any unnecessary waiting.

How to Withdraw Winnings From a Crickex Lottery Site?

How to withdraw funds at a Crickex lottery site?

The withdrawal procedure is as straightforward as making a deposit.

The only difference is the timing of the transactions. Follow these steps to receive your money:


Check the amount in your account;


Indicate the withdrawal function;


Select the method you feel comfortable with;


Confirm the action and wait.

As a rule, the funds are not withdrawn immediately. The general term is 1-3 days. The longest one is bank cards. Take it into account when choosing!

Is It Safe to Play the Lottery Online?

Crickex Lottery's services have adopted and enshrined a list of security and privacy policies

When asking how safe it is to use Crickex Lottery’s services, it is important to remember that we have adopted and enshrined a list of security and privacy policies. The main ones include:

  • Prohibition of use by anyone under the age of 18;
  • Multi-step protection of player data;
  • Liability measures set out for breaches of security rules;
  • An encryption system for storing player information.

All these conditions and many more make it possible to say that using Crickex Lottery is safe for every player. The main thing is to accept the terms and conditions set by the company and there will be no problems.

The legality of the Crickex online lottery

In addition to the question of security, the legality of the activities undertaken often arises. In this case, two factors must be relied upon:

  • The existence of an international authorization – Curaçao licens;
  • There is no direct prohibition of online gambling in Indian law.

For the time being, these two conditions are direct evidence of the legality of the companies’ activities. Crickex Lottery is no exception. It complies with all modern requirements.

  • What should a player do if the money is not credited?

    Firstly, check that your account has been debited, and the error has occurred exclusively on Crickex. In this case, do not try to solve the problem yourself, but rather ask for professional help.

  • How can users speed up the withdrawal process?

    There is no such option at the moment. Withdrawals and their timing is regulated not only by us but also by third party systems. There is no way to influence their withdrawal times.

  • What should a player do, if he cannot log in to his personal account for Crickex Lottery?

    Check that the name and password are correct. If everything is correct, check with the support team to see if any technical work is being done. In most cases, this is the main reason for login problems.