About Crickex

Crickex is a new and modern company that gives its players access to both general and LIVE sports betting. With this platform, you will be immersed in a world of exciting activities with great deals, unique promotions and bonus programs, specific odds and markets, and much more. And it’s all completely safe and legal.

Is Betting Legal

Is Betting Legal

For the time being, the legal position of online gambling in the country is regulated in favor of allowing this activity. To answer the question is Сrickex safe in India, it is worth mentioning the Gambling Act (PGA). Its characteristics:

TerritoryAll of India
RegulatesLegal provisions that deal with the activities of betting companies. A ban on ONLINE gambling is not enshrined.

Although the basic law of the country does not enshrine a ban on online gambling, some states have established their own local legal acts that also address the issue.

Betting Laws In India

Betting Law in India

Betting Law in India

As already mentioned, India has a major Act (PGA) which regulates the issue of gambling. It does not have a ban on online activities. However, there is also legal regulation of the issue in individual states of the country. These include:

TelanganaThe Telangana Gambling Act 2017 prohibits betting activities. There is no explicit prohibition of such activities online.
MaharashtraTotalizator, lotteries, online sports betting are legal.
Andhra PradeshThe Andhra Pradesh Gambling Act, as amended, bans all forms of gambling. However, there is no mention of conducting them on the Internet.
KarnatakaThe Karnataka Police Act makes it illegal for state residents to use land-based gambling establishments.
Uttar PradeshThe issue of companies carrying out online gambling activities is not regulated.

As can be seen, the prohibition of gambling is acute in India. However, the country’s legislation is not yet developed in a way that takes into account such activities online. In other words, there is no ban on gambling on the Internet.

Crickex is legal in India

Crickex is legal in India

The legal basis and security of this issue are twofold. Users should bear this in mind when joining the ranks of Crickex fans. These include:

  • Having a valid international Curacao license;
  • The absence of an express prohibition on Crickex’s online activities in the country’s legislation.

That’s it. These highlights make it possible to say that Crickex is legal in India. You can safely use all the services of the company without any risks.

Can Players Trust Crickex?

crickex is safe for players

crickex is safe

In addition to the question of whether it is safe to use Crickex’s services, users often mention the need to trust the platform. There are also several frameworks on this topic that govern this issue. Why users can trust Crickex

  • The legality of the activities carried out;
  • An active security policy that includes the prohibition of minors using the company’s services, separate provisions for gambling addiction regulation;
  • A privacy policy that ensures you have complete privacy from third parties;
  • Terms and conditions are required for acceptance.

All this data is freely available on the company Crickex website. This is done for the maximum convenience of the players. With this in mind, it can be said that users can trust the company.

Tips For Using Crickex In India

How to use crickex app

How to use

To enhance the safety, legality, and comfort of using Crickex’s services, players should follow several rules. These include:

  • Monitor the legal position of the company at the legal level;
  • Pay attention to the license version and its updates;
  • Do not gamble while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicants, or when in a bad mood or stressed;
  • Use only trusted sources for making deposits and withdrawals, in particular, your personal ones;
  • Take breaks while playing games;
  • Spend only an amount that will not significantly affect your wallet;
  • Do not allow underage members of your family to use your account to play games;
  • Please report any errors or irregularities to our Support Team immediately.

These tips are only basic. However, each player takes into account the degree of risk and therefore develops personal rules for himself.

What do they Offer?

Online Activities in Crickex 2022

Online Activities

At the moment, Crickex is considering all fan requests. That’s why it has developed and introduced the following online activities:

  • Sports betting;
  • Casino;
  • Lotteries.

Each of these sections also includes many individual features that will suit absolutely everyone. And don’t forget about the active bonus and promotional program, which will also make your time on the platform unforgettable.

How to legally deposit money on Crickex?

How to deposit in Crickex

How to deposit

Making a deposit is a process that no player does without. It is also important, however, that many take the risk of making financial transactions due to money theft. In order to make sure everything is legal, the platform only provides the services of trusted financial platforms. These include:

  • Bank cards;
  • Electronic wallets;
  • Payment systems.

Companies work closely with Crickex and provide high-speed financial transactions. You don’t have to worry about your funds getting to third parties. Everything is protected. And you won’t be charged extra money.

Crickex Customer Support

customer support in Crickex India

customer support

Customer service is an equally important factor in ensuring the legality and safety of players. It has to do with frequent communication with players on all matters of interest to them. Ways to communicate include:

The timing of the response varies. The online chat is open 24/7, so you can always count on feedback. You will not receive a reply by email for at least 24 hours.


  • How does Crickex operate in the absence of such regulation by Indian law?

    At the moment, the company operates throughout India unhindered. However, if an individual state or the entire country makes changes to the current legislation, the platform will take this into account and develop a different strategy.

  • Where should a player contact if his details are leaked?

    In this case, it is a good idea to start by checking whether this information is freely available or is available on other platforms. If not, then it is worth contacting the Crickex administration immediately via email.

  • What penalties exist for breaches of security and lawfulness on Crickex?

    It depends on the severity of the offense. There may be total or temporary blocking of your account, denial of access to certain features, or freezing of your account.