Crickex Affiliate Program – Bring Players and Make Big Money

Crickex affiliates benefits
  • free account

You won’t pay anything to create an affiliate account. Sign up and become the one who is spreading the gambling experience further.

  • no fees and charges

There are no hidden costs or unmentioned investments. You will start earning the revenue you share as soon as leads will come to your downline.

  • easy payouts

Affiliate revenue share is paid every month. You can choose any convenient method to output funds – plastic cards, electronic, or even crypto wallets.

  • revenue share

You can earn a solid 30 % revenue share from every downline member. You should be interested in making them active players – in this case, your income increases exponentially.

  • constant support

Every affiliate receives a personal manager. If you have any questions, apply to them and get a full response.

  • transparency

All the information about affiliates and revenue share is no secret and is available for users at any time. The program is based on fair principles of mutual trust and respect.

What is the Crickex affiliate program?

affilate program

Have you ever thought that gambling can bring a stable income? Yes, we all get used to the fact that betting and online casinos are a matter of lack and no one is immune to losses.

But affiliate program is something that can be considered thoroughly. It works simply: you sign up as an affiliate and search for potential users (leads) that are willing to register on Crickex. If they join the platform, they form the downline that brings you certain income that depends on their revenue. The more they gamble, the more you earn. The principle is easy, yet super effective.

How to get started?

How to start


fill in the sign-up form

Click on Affiliate Signup, and provide the correct information to start a beneficial partnership with us.


wait for approval

Once you submitted the registration form, it should be reviewed and checked. After that, you will be given an affiliate manager who helps set up an account.


start earning

You will receive a revenue share on your account monthly.

Affiliate plan

Affilate plan

The amount of earnings depends on 2 factors:

  • number of deposit members or leads
  • revenue generated from the affiliate’s downline members respectively

For Indian players the plan is presented in the tablet below

Number of deposit membersNet Profit, INRRevenue Share
510 000 – 1 000 00010 %
151 000 001 – 3 000 00020 %
30More than 3 000 00030 %

It is evident that we are aiming to attract active players that will gamble regularly. An affiliate program is a sort of advertising – but a unique one. You don’t pay anything – you just gain money.